Massage Therapy San Diego

A Touch of Clover offers numerous modalities of Massage Therapy San Diego, both Services, and Treatments.

Our team of trained massage therapists can provide you the spa day or therapeutic massage that you’ve been dreaming of, so contact us today to discover what massage package is best for you.


Why use Massage Therapy San Diego?

Some people view massages as luxuries which pamper you and relax you. However many people use massage therapy San Diego, for medical reasons. According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA),

  • 90% of people surveyed believe massages are beneficial to general health and wellness.
  • 91% believe that massages can reduce pain with 28% having used massage therapy for pain relief.
  • for those surveyed, they have received an average of 4.35 massages within the last year; and an average of 13 massages in 5 years.
  • for people who use massage therapy for medical reasons, they have received an average of 5.8 massages per year; and 15 massages in 5 years.